Lucid dreaming


Fall asleep, into a dream,
where a little girl is waiting for me.

White dress, bow in her hair,
such a deadened expression, odd on a young face.

She looks up at me, holds out her hand with impish eyes,
I guess she is to be my guide this night.

Glancing around, trying to make sense of where I am,
the walls are stone, it feels cold.

Silently we wander down a hallway,
it looks to be a dungeon, but where?

As we pass some rooms,
I hear the sounds of screams,
of a whip cracking.

I try to look but she tugs my hand,
somehow I know that's not the plan.

Some rooms have no doors,
in those I see people being tortured,
maimed, burned alive.

Once their cries have stopped, it seems like they're dead,
they awaken only to have it start all over again.

They look at me, pleading for freedom, I want so much to help,
but the little girl will not allow me to show them mercy,
only tells me in her eerie way, that's not what I'm there to do.

What is the point of all of this?

Why show me what I cannot change?

Why are they being tortured?

What is the meaning for putting me in this damnable maze?

The girl smiles in a way that should give comfort,
but this isn't some ordinary child, so it doesn't.

"This isn't what you're meant to fix, not your path to take," She answers in a cryptic way.

"Then what is?" I reply.

Instead of giving me the answer I seek, she begins to skip,
unaffected by the continuing sounds of torture that fill the silence.

I follow, still glancing into the rooms, wishing I could help them,
but knowing it would do no good.

Further on down the corridor, she stands before a door,
she's too small to reach the handle so she waits.

"This is where we say goodbye," she says as I approach.

"But where does it lead? What about all those poor souls?" I ask, turning back.

"Forget about them, they each chose their path and paid a price, this is yours." Her voice is cold, so strange to hear from what should be an innocent source.

Suddenly, the girl has gone,
leaving me alone in the dark hall in front of a mystery door.

I know I can't save the ones behind me,
but I'm afraid of what lies just beyond.

How do I know where it goes? Will I be safe?

Contemplating my next move,
I examine the door.

Waiting has gained me nothing, and there is no reason to stay,
the best thing I can do is to walk away

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dream I had two hours ago

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