My husband

If I'm distant,
pull me back, wait for me.

If I'm quiet, I'm just thinking,
I'm still right here.

If my smiles seem fake,
it just means I'm lost in clouds,
find me baby.

If I kiss you and it makes you smile,
my heart skips a beat, I fall all over again.

If I crash at your feet,
pick me up again, hold me close.

If I get lost in shadows,
come for me, let me know you'll fight for me.

If I wander too far,
remind me that you're home waiting.

If I get trapped in the past,
tormented by ghosts,
take my hand, pull me into your open arms.

If I want to run, tell me to stay,
if I try to push you away, break down my walls.

If I say leave, don't go,
lock the door behind us,
let's hash it out till we're raw from emotion.

If I try too hard to be strong,
hold in tears that want so much to fall,
kiss my eyes, whisper all the words I need to hear.

If I try to be cold, I don't mean it,
make me feel that fire in your kiss.

If I say everything's fine,
tell me I'm lying, see through my smokescreen.

If I tell you I hate you,
I couldn't if I tried,
don't you know, baby I need you.

If I laugh and you remember that I'm crazy,
look at me the way you used to,
like you always will.

If I make you a promise,
I swear I won't break them,
please do the same?

If we fight, if we say harsh words,
kiss me with passion, mutter senseless apologies,
let's just forget what we're mad for.

If I miss you lying beside me,
join me, come back to bed,
let's start from the beginning.

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