Russian roullette


Place another round in the chamber,
as the song starts up again,
we're always playing this same game.

Called a truce to restore our fragile peace,
waiting for the knife to be stabbed into my spine.

You're my weakness, my scarlet letter,
but I'll never say it aloud, it wouldn't matter.

Betrayal is your only friend,
manipulation your lover,
you're really just a coward inside,
hiding everything behind those eyes.

Take a turn, the cool metal against skin,
click, no luck this time.

Playing with fire, a deadly addiction I can't fight,
the timing has to be just right.

Take a risk, all a gamble on chance,
can you handle the consequence?

With each word I slip farther into your spell,
self destructive tendencies, bloodlust.

Compassion and kindness, they'll be the death of me,
sympathy for the devil, I'm damned for eternity.

Sooner or later you'll turn your back,
at my weakest moment, you'll attack.

Like a fool I won't see it coming,
like an idiot I'll still try to see the best in you.
how could I forget, that's just what you do.

Pull the trigger one more time,
just to see if the bullet will fire,
if this game will ever end.

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