The devil's slave


Shackled to your altar, the stone digging into my skin,
a prisoner being punished for compassion, my sin.

Fresh blood pooling onto the ground,
harsh breaths, crimson tears falling are the only sound.

I tried to get free again, escape into the night,
only to reach a blockage, a wall that meant a dead end.

Only way to turn was back, walk into your chamber,
surrender to your torment, there never was an option.

Seems you only remember me when you want to cause pain,
having the audacity to try to care again.

Are we friends, can I continue to forgive,
or is my soul dying just a little more,
along with my will to live.

A prisoner for your twisted pleasure,
passing amusement, a puppet on a string,
scream slave scream.

The agony lets up as you fade away,
now that I'm back where I belong,
you're favorite toy, you never stay.

How do you walk away from pain,
when it's killing you to stay,
and you're haunted when you try to run.

The lesser of two evils, waving a white flag,
knowing if I do the memory of you will lessen,
if I do I'll be spared for another day.

Making friends with the devil,
if only to pass unnoticed beneath your gaze,
my screams go unheard, my tears won't fall,
I've condemned myself to this,
till the end of days.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Now that I'm where I belong, a slave in a cell, you've forgotten I'm even here. But that's okay, I don't mind, "neglect becomes our ally"

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