Twisted melodies


Caught in a never ending circle,
the same patterns again and again,
the repetition is wearing thin.

Try to be there for you,
give and take, push and pull,
leaving me drained, haunting me still.

Sharp stab of betrayal,
your specialty, words meant to wound,
said goodbye "one more time",
always too soon.

Nightmares and dreams,
you occupy my mind, a whisper of doubt,
why can't I get you out?

Run faster, far from this cursed place,
but you follow, everywhere I look I see your face.

Why won't you release me,
I've given everything,
you must like to watch me bleed.

Unrelenting pressure,
my knees buckle, I can't survive this fight,
turning around in defeat, you won't ever let me go.

No way out, another dead end in the maze,
is there no escape?

Can't live with you,
can't be without you,
what am I supposed to do?

Cursing the weakness that makes me forgive you,
hating and wishing that just once I could forget you.

Call off your demons, I'm tired of this battle,
you've won, once again, I'm still trapped in your shadow.

Ceasefire, truce, apologies that should mean nothing,
civil conversation, playful banter, we're back to normal.

I start to fade from sight, now that we're not enemies,
you forget I'm here, always stuck in your blind spot.

Why is it I can't be free,
you won't relinquish the key?

But the moment we're okay again,
I slip back into invisibility?

My choices are being haunted,
tormented with thoughts of you,
or invisible, a ghost imprisoned in your twisted memory.

What do you do when you can't be free,
but the moment you make up,
they aren't on your mind anymore and its peaceful.

Do you stay and tolerate the peace,
be friends if only to avoid their voice in your head,
or try to leave, when all the doors are locked.

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