Insanity beckons



Why do I feel so gone?

I am now so distant I just don't belong.

Now I'm ripped away from existence,
I've become so transparent that I lost all substance.

Sitting nowhere,
breathing fake air.

We don't feel anymore,
so we can't care.

Its about time I clear my throat,
let the hellish screams out till I begin to float.

I'd run a million miles from here,
just to get out of this cage and escape from fear.

You know you're screwed when you crave pain,
you wanna bleed all throughout your brain.

The blood in my veins is proof of life

I'm not sure if its there,
so I reveal it with a knife.

Not me any more,
don't know myself.

Prisoner in my own skin,
I no longer comprehend health.

It's all in the family they used to say.

It's all in the family so it must be ok.

They hurt and rape her,
they slash and tear her,
they kill and torture,
they love the terror.

We are our own army so lets retaliate,
fight, destroy, show them real hate.

Look at the fire in her eyes,
that roaring beast never hides.

She lost all she ever had.
blood seeps through her skin cause it hurts so bad.

Her shattered heart pounds against her breast,
scattered pieces cutting holes in her chest.

Slowly she fades as she quickly she drowns,
covered in guilt, sequestered from sounds.

Tilting on the edge, about to fall off.
Her mind is so lacerated it has become leathery and soft.

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