Invisible chains hold me down,
soundproofed walls swallow each scream,
I'm too far lost in the maze to turn around.

I try to run, you follow,
I try to stay, you push me away.

Trying anything to occupy my mind,
you're a constant shadow, always a step behind.

Your maze is endless,
your web won't let me free,
I've given you everything,
what do you want from me?

Covering my ears, trying to drown you out,
nothing works, you're the poison under my skin.

Am I strong enough to stay away,
I can never find out,
you won't release me, I'm bound.

Empty eyes that burn from within,
how do I survive when your killing me again.

I'm holding in so much,
can't turn and leave,
you always know how to make me burn.

Apologies so rare drip from your tongue,
do you even mean them, do you regret what you've done?

Thinking back on the last few years,
all the memories have started to fade,
but I'm still trapped here.

You are a vault inside my mind,
the key to my freedom lays on the other side.

Trying passwords, access is always denied.

What is the secret to survival,
when you can destroy me without thought.

Residual anger, uneven breaths,
you're the cancer, silent murder,
chemo won't save me, not this time.

You are my greatest weakness,
I can't say no, you are essential,
more than you'll ever know.

I'm not in love with you,
you don't make my heart beat the way he does,
but for some reason I can't say goodbye.

Forever a prisoner to a mystery,
silhouette of a ghost, my misery.

Bondage so sweet,
heaven help me I'm lost,
my savior is a devil,
leaving is a line I can't cross.

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