Same mistake


You were everything I believed in,
now you say it's all a lie,
just something to make me feel better inside.

I thought I knew you,
that when I looked in your eyes,
I'd glimpsed the truth.

You let fear rule your life,
force away anyone who wants to stay by your side.

I can't stay when all you do is kill me with time,
I tried, I promised, but you lied.

Said you trusted me all along,
why else would you tell me anything at all?

Said to have faith in you,
that second guessing is where I always go wrong,
well guess what, I put your friendship to the test,
turns out we aren't that strong.

Said you haven't trusted me in years,
maybe I knew it deep inside,
but I never could turn away from your tears.

Bloody wings, eyes full of pain,
righteous anger, I won't come back here again.

You're beautiful to me, but so ugly and cold inside,
I thought I could forgive and forget but I guess not,
not when it always ends the same old way,
I'm done with the betrayal and lies, you always trying to hide.

I'll still think of you, still want to be your friend,
but I can't dance with you anymore,
something has to give, I have no more strength to bend.

I've been down this road a time or two,
always cursing, crying and wishing I could hate you,
I'm so tired of the deja' vu.

When you stop running, you'll find that I was always there,
but it won't matter because you've ruined us,
best thing to do is just let go, to try not to care,
stop making the same mistakes again.

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