Long time coming


Always played the same games with you,
danced song after song, music's stopped,
I'm moving on.

Blame it all on me, say it was my fault,
I wasn't a friend, tried to ruin the good things in your life,
time and time again.

Seemed like this was meant to break,
maybe it was always too late,
always one step forward, two steps back.

Gave you all I had, still didn't matter,
you say I'm not who I used to be,
maybe you never really knew me.

Angry words, cruel attacks,
should've seen this coming,so why isn't it killing me?

Should hate you, maybe I do,
I know I tried, did it all right,
but you only see what you want to see,
the illusion you'll never be.

Watching the fire burn, our "friendship" goes up in flames,
add more fuel, I finally see, it was always meant to end this way.

The web you spin, the lies you tell,
they're all illusions, I know you well.

This wasn't supposed to be, long time coming,
I've known it from the start, so leave, you're not breaking my heart.

Say goodbye and walk away,
say you don't need me, that's fine,
leave, I've said all I needed to say.

One day your world will crash,
you'll see nothing in my eyes,
maybe you'll regret this, for now I'll just watch and laugh.

You wanted a fight, you got your wish,
screw you and your fake friendship, I'm done with this.

You can have the nightmares, graves and games,
you're a beautiful liar, alone in your misery, comforted by your ignorance.


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