Not afraid


I wake up calling your name,
see you when I dream.

When I gaze out the window,
your face appears before my eyes.

I used to fear loving someone,
so fully, completely letting go.

But now, I'm wiling to watch my heart stretch it's wings,
let it free from it's iron cage.

I can't help but protect myself,
keep my walls up.

When I'm with you,
they crumble at the sight of your smile.

When I touch your hand,
my mind goes blank.

The only thought I can hear,
echoing in my head, "why me?"

You are my eyes, my ears,
my missing piece.

I don't have to search anymore,
for something that words can never express.

It whispers softly to my heart,
"You can trust this one,
its okay this time, just let go."

So now I'm looking at you,
a smile is on my lips,
without a thought or second guess.

I'm not afraid anymore,
my walls lay in tatters at my feet.

You hold your hand out to me,
with a love so deep in your eyes,
I'm not afraid to reach for it,
to let myself be wrapped up in your arms.

I'm not afraid to tell you I love you,
no longer want to run, when you say it too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The only way you'll truly know love is to surrender to it

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