I keep a time capsule in my heart.

My heart beats against it,

and sometimes it bleeds.

Hidden there,

the capsule does not rust,

it does not open, unless

I find something new,

something else

to put inside it.

I put the memories inside.

I put the laughter, the jokes,

the coded phrases,

the constant grins on my face;

I keep the hard questions,

the harder worries,

the dark decisions outside.

But there are times I cannot bear:

I open it at times,

and the power inside

those crystallized words

and nights and voices

pulls me in.

I hide inside

the capsule without

knowing, but always

find my way back

out again

burning in the night

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on the musing of a situation that still has no immanent cessation.

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