Blurry Past Times

One day, one hour, one minute,

I saw a rose for what it was.

It stood before me red as it had always been,

And I seemed to understand at last;

I saw why people loved it;

I saw its power;

I wasn’t so different from all the rest.

That moment is over now,

And now I can only see

What earlier meant more to me.

One hour, one minute, one second,

I saw you and didn’t doubt.

I looked in your eyes and I knew -

We were meant to be together;

We were united in love forever;

We would be joy to each other.

Why is it that moment seems

To make all the rest of them

So worthwhile?

Through all the troubles and doubts,

All the flying thoughts and whirring emotions,

I see that moment now and again,

And I smile.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Free Verse, which I seldom manage to do... inspired by thinking about the way things used to be, and smiling for a little while before I remembered how life changed and why.

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