Dream, I’ve followed you –

Through all the glimmering yesterdays,

Past the forlorn tomorrows and the hooded todays -

I’ve followed you always, a few steps behind.

We’ve had our times under the setting sun,

We’ve drunk deep of the fiery airs of summer

And felt the clinging frost of winter’s pulse –

But now I must away.

Long ago, I never looked back –

I followed the rainbows and sunsets,

Undaunted by the cries behind me –

‘Till once I turned.

I saw bones, and more –

Visions of fires and torment

Tempest-tossed through the sands of fate,

Coursing through my castles and myself.

I turned back and saw you once more,

Yet somehow your bright light lay transparent

And falling leaves lay dead at your sight –

I knew you not.

Dream, what are you?

Did your firefly-eyes deceive me all that time?

Still I follow, though even farther behind –

And now, I’m always looking back.

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