Dealing with the loss of mom

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I am 31. I am a mother and wife. I am open minded and a free spirit. I believe this world is full of evil but somehow we find peace to deal with it and notice it's beauty. I have always been inspired my music. Music is my thing. I love to paint. I think that people can mistake your kindness for weakness. I am into metal, melodic rock, old soul and old country. My favorite bands are: H.I.M., tool, NIN, Tool, deftones and five finger death punch.  I  don't take shit from no one and I would give the people I love the shirt off my back. I am an animal lover. I lost my mom to soon. She left behind her strength and beauty. Her spirit lingers. She was newly 48 and I am grateful to have had her. Writing helps me deal with things all in life. R.I.P. MOM 1964-2012. My first poem after her death. 




                                                                                           LEAVING ME LOVELY


                                         No one can take this pain. Nothing can stop this fast black train. I feel sick insane. My soul is aching. 

                                          She runs through me in flashes. No more smiles or sorries. How could anyone relate to your sorrow.

                                        Your burning rage with a million fist. I could throw. Kneel down in my corner, my pity pool. Dripping

                                         wet. Feels like forever until I see you again, If ever. Closing your eternal eyes lost in release. Undo

                                        these cuffs that bound your wrist. They no longer grasp you to prepare you for death. Unleash your

                                        sweet soul. My mad soul. Tired and ready. You sleep so lovely under bright lights. No more tears for 

                                         fears of them leaving you behind. Where's the rewind? Are you floating above in a beautiful bliss?

                                        Do you have wings of silver blowing us a kiss? Stories bring me to ease. The times of your life you 

                                         felt you could breath. You were lovely. Something needed you to leave. I see you in dreams but 

                                            nightmares to. Letting go is never going to do. Rest sweetly my love. I will carry you with me on 


                                            and on and on.

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