When it hurts

You said that you'd be alright;
a little time and to sleep at night.
maybe it was look, that crease above your eye
that made me think it was all a lie.

When I thought that I should have been there to hold you.
I should of talked you through, I should have told you:

You're my only
you're me girl
you the reason I breath
your my entire world

I could have helped you out, but I left you in your rut
I should have told you, but I kept my mouth shut

I let you alone, that was a crime.
maybe then, but not this time.

When it hurts I'll hold you tight
When its dark I'll be the light
When you feel nothing, I'll be the delight
I'll be with you now, and every night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for my gf <3

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