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I live in the USA, but I've lived else where; wherever work leads I guess. My dad is the one who travels, but I'm living with my uncle right now so i can go to collage. I'm eighteen. A lesbian (maybe a little bi curious... maybe) I got a lovely girlfriend.

I'm really just here to post my poems. I write a lot more then poetry, but seeing as how this world is for poems, I'll just post those. I love attention, it give me the fuel for the fire i need to survive!!! don't let me die...

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Um... its there. pierced... an inny.

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Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Charles Dickens, Alone ~ E.A.P., Tale of two cities, Lord of the Rings, Shakespeare, Guitar, Keyboard, drawing, 'A dream... All a dream.... that ends in nothing' ~ tale of two cities


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