going thru life !

waiting for the right time
Waiting to press my luck
waiting for that one time when i am the right one

goodbye, to the person 
I use to be
The person who let everyone
Walk all over me

goodbye, to the person 
I use to know
Who never said anything
And feelings didn't show

goodbye to the person
who always said yes
did nothing for himself 
But for everyone else

goodbye, to that sad little boy
who went thru life with his eyes closed
blinded bye lies he took the wrong road

just now starting to catch up
his actions are starting to progress
but with every move he makes
His heart pumps fast inside his chest

Scared of the motions
But on an adventurous ride
doing what he wants
And always keeping his pride

There's a light at the end of each tunnel
there's a faith for every heartbreak
There's a song after each sadnesss
and there's a chance after every mistake

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hope you enjoy it. Let me know how you feel about it :)

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