Single Tree

Dark Love

Waves crash head on,
Rocks being abused with each swell,
Deep sapphire sea turns white,
Deep charcoal rocks turn black,
High above a lonely rope bridge,
Wood rotten and decaying,
Rope fraying at each end,
Strands snapped over the years,
Yet oddly no sounds,
The silence is deafening,
Across the bridge a barren waste land stands before me,
The emptiness of my soul laid bare,
Ebony sky above is lifeless,
Dry, cracked earth underfoot,
Nothing can live out here,
I walk along an old familiar path,
Rivers run by, flowing to the sea,
Ruby red and glistening in the faint moon light,
Twisting and turning along the path,
Yet still no sound or life,
The faint pale yellow glow of the moon keeps me company,
Familiar caves come into view,
Streaked with gashes across their surface,
They appear black and silver.

Entering the caves and breathing in deeply the metallic air,
Atmosphere is thick and heavy,
Sticky like just before a storm,
Emerald grass is gently caressing my bare feet,
Further and further I go,
Eyes closed, I know the way so well,
I want to live here forever,
Fireflies light up the caves in a soft glow,
The silence still making its presence known,
A sudden rush of cold mountain air assaults my senses,
Chill of the ice making my skin prickle,
Pale topaz like mirrors seem to line the walls,
The image distorted,
Ever changing my reflection,
Icy rooms give way to lava,
Fiery reds and oranges,
Molten rock sliding around like snakes,
The heat is immense,
The rush from cold to hot making my heart race,
My breathing laboured and shallow,
Running across the rocks before me,
I reach the middle.

There stands a tree,
Perfect pink blossoms hang from the branches,
Deep emerald grass is there again surrounding it,
The bark is split,
One word crudely carved into it,
A small crystal clear reflective iced over pond,
Stones in the bottom, Ivory coloured and stark against the deep brown mud,
I lay on the grass, naked,
I close my eyes,
I hear butterflies fluttering past,
Delicate wings almost humming,
A place I can call my own,
A world where I belong,
No feelings or emotions,
No thoughts or possessions,
This is all I need, all I want.

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