Not Alone


If I could id mend your heart,
Id be there when you crash and burn,
Id break your fall if you jumped,
There is always heartache,
There is always pain,
Youre not alone,
I promise,
Let me tame your heart,
Unleash your soul,
Let your power rest in my hands,
I can mend a broken heart,
But only if you will let me,
I wont hurt you I promise,
Id put my life in your hands,
Id take you away from it all,
A place for just us,
Trust is the most important,
Your best features are your heart and soul,
Love will unlock your heart again,
But you need to believe,
You dont know what youve got until its gone,
Whether im right or wrong,
The universe could be ours,
You make me feel beautiful,
All of the stars,
Fly to a distant galaxy,
But youre stranded,
Trapped on the ground,
Let me take your heart,
I promise not to break it.

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