Never have I seen anyone as beautiful,

High and defined cheek bones,

Cute nose that’s neither sharp nor button,

Defined lips that are unbelievably kissable,

Eyes that are perfect windows to your soul,

Deep as the sea one day and not the next,

Hair soft as silk,

Body lean and thin but strong despite appearance,

The presence you bring to a room,

Fills it with love and kindness,

Fangs that are like vampires,

Sharp as razors too,

Arm scarred but still beautiful,

Despite the millions of marks,

Heart that’s black as the night,

But bigger than any other ive known,

Soul as pure and strong as diamonds,

You are the most caring person I know,

Most loving and amazing person,

Beautiful beyond belief,

No one or thing comes close to what you are,

One thing is for definite,

Youre loved with all I have!

I love you Baby!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written also in december 2005. but agsain i thought it should come online.

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