My missing part is miles away,
He should be in my arms,
Now we’re even further 'cos of my holiday,
My soul feels empty without him,
I only wish we could be together,
Laying in bed cuddling while we sleep,
Waking up to happiness on a morning.

More tears fall the longer we’re apart,
I may have cried an ocean,
By the next time we meet,
Each time we part gets harder and harder,
Knowing he loves me still,
Even though we separate,
The tears fall as we leave,
The love still stays strong.

Missing, it’s not right we’re separate,
We’re meant to be together,
Each passing day grows harder,
Everyday a misery without him,
Everyday pure Heaven with him.

Two souls destined to be together,
Should be together, forever!
We’re whole when together,
For and about my Stuey!

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