The crying and aching pain,
The separation of hearts,
It all feels like black void inside.

My lonely heart aching and crying,
Bleeding with the pain,
A jagged rip down the centre.

The beauty of the other half,
External as well as internal,
The gentle touch and love that radiates.

All the words in the world aren’t enough,
Millions of years could pass,
But only a fraction of what's felt could be described.

Constant pain, torture, suffering, depression,
Much more too, all of life’s emotions,
A dying heart weeps until it’s mended.

Strong soul consoles the hurting heart,
Reassuring it that it will be whole again,
Making it remember the times it’s been whole.

Aching, hurting, crying when torn away,
The pain inside its host unbearable,
Longing to be whole again.

A heart constantly bleeding until united,
Sewn together down the rip,
Really happy, at last a whole.

But pain quickly ensues as a half leaves,
Broken and torn again,
Bleeding until finally united as one.

Forever the circle goes on and on,
Broken, repaired, depression, happiness,
One day it will stop… one day…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For My Boyfriend, Stu, Who I Love A Lot, And He Loves Me!

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