I love everything about you,
Perfect smile, hair, eyes, lips, arms,
The list goes on, too long to write here,
Everything about you turns my legs to jelly,
Tummy has bats never mind butterflies,
Heart feels like it flutters around my chest.

I gave you the world and more, everything,
You made me happy, gave me everything too,
You’re really all I want and need, forever, I swear.

Tears fall as you’re not here, crying rivers,
Your photo on my desk, last thing I see at night,
First thing I see when I wake, need you,
How unfair we don’t live closer.

Always the good things in my life are so far,
Sweet thoughts of you always in my head,
Single thought of you cheers me up,
Being alone brings tears to my eyes.

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For Stu

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