Sitting here, thinking of nothing but you, my love,
Wishing you were here, wanting you next to me,
My eyes full of tears, my heart aching for you.

My life a misery when we are appart, I miss you,
Aching as we are so far appart, my heart longing,
Cold wet tears against my face, I love you!

Crying myself to sleep over you, how it hurts,
Looking at your picture, sweet smile, cute eyes,
The feel of your tongue agianst mine, oh how I miss this.

Missing the way you hold me in your arms,
Safe and secure, away from pain, hate and torture,
The way you make me happy, just being together.

Pain of life away, happiness, I can be happy,
I owe it all to you, you showed me light and smiles,
I saw Angels, Heaven, when I looked into your eyes.

Fears and antisipation, floating away, I was happy!
The way you made me feel was wonderful, I loved it,
Your lips so soft, like that of an Angel.

You looked at me with loving eyes, I returned the look,
Smiling as if you had just been given the world,
My eyes twinkling, my body calm, my heart fulfilled.

Missing you when you are gone, fear returns, and cold bleakness,
Heart aching, just one last kiss, never to end, I cry,
I just want you to know, I will always love you!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Stu. I love you!

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