Torn Love

How i love you so much, how you love me to,

The pain of our distance appart, how I suffer,

Crying night after night in my bedroom, alone,

Wanting what is so far away and out of reach.

My heart burning with desires for you,

Your heart torn up, but forgetting about me,

The pain for us being together, grows and cuts deep,

My love growing ang growing each day stronger,

Wanting to be with you, our hearts touching together.

Two delicate Angels taken from each other,

It's cruel and very unfair, I wish we were closer,

How I yearn to feel your body holding mine.

I long to see your smile, and know you care to,

Hearts broken, tears shed, wounds cut open,

My true Angel of love, passions, light and hope,

Fighting back the tears to write this, i'm gonna let them flow.

Burning a hole deep into my soul,

If theres a way I'll find it, we will meet one day.

I just feel so hurt with our distance, and space,

How I cry when you're online, big blue tears drop,

You're my love Angel, I used to hate you, now I love you!

Torn between you and another, it hurts more,

Silver claws in my heart, ripping it to shreds,

Eyes crying blue tears of pain and sorrow.

You are another reason I live, I stay alive,

Pain cutting like a butcher knife, sharp and true,

Stabbing my heart like a sword, skewering it.

I feel as if i'm all alone in this world, cold and isolated,

Standing in the rain crying, wanting my Angel,

Take me some place warm and safe, take me with you!

Everythings out of control, it scares me, hold me close and tight.

Everything changes exept my love and pain for you,

My heart, sore, and yet joyful at the same time,

Talking to you, fills me with joy, happiness and love.

The pain in my chest, it hurts when you're not there,

I hope you never just shut me out and ignore me,

Because, that would literally kill me and hurt me bad.

Could you love me forever? is it possible?

Don't ever leave me and tell me it'll be ok in the end,

Tomorrow will just be another day of pain and joy.

Promise me you'll never leave me! my heart would die,

Swollen red eyes from crying, how I missed you so!

Tomorrow will be the same as today, it won't change,

I cry myself to sleep, it's my lullaby, my song,

Never rip my heart out and leave me to bleed.

Come and sweep me away, to your castle in the sky :)

Is it enough to love, breath, live? I think so, I have you!

I know you're worth it, just remember, I love you!

I'm just scared in case I lose you, forever!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my Angel, my Brandon aka: Raistman.

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