It never goes away,

You've become a part of me,

You'll always be a fear,

Lost inside thoughts.

Crying inside never out,

Don't see why you did it?!

How could you have done this?

Tension is building inside.

I don't know who to trust,

The last time I trust again,

Everyone feels so far away,

How can I trust anyone again?

It burns like a cut or a scrape,

Everyone is out to get me,

Heart full of pain in my chest,

Blood, Tears, All I have left.

My heart full of pain,

Life ripped out of my body,

Too many questions to ask,

Too much at stake.

How can they be so cruel?

I didn't do anything wrong,

Words can break you so easily,

Oh god the torture inside.

Every step I take is a mistake,

In your eyes i'm non-existant,

Everything you thought I was,

I am nothing to you anymore.

I'm becoming invisible to the world,

To everyone around me more so,

I am nothing like you say I am,

Becoming nothing to my loved ones.

Knowing the feeling of betrayal,

How it cuts and hurts inside and out,

Wanting the feelings to go away,

I don't know who to trust.

Happy thoughts almost non-existant,

Fearing i'll lose everyone around me,

Wishing it had never happened,

Turning myself from everyone close.

I'm lost under the surface,

I can't feel anyone close,

Only feeling depression and hurt,

I'd take it all away from you.

Removing all the past,

So it never happened,

Wanting you back again,

Is it really possible?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is dedicated to 'my baby bro' for all the hard times he has at the moment.

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