You came and brightened up my life,

You made me feel special and loved,

Now I really like you too,

I know you didn't at first, now you do!

Your sweet, kind, funny and sensitive,

A real hunnie and a wicked mate to,

You constantly tease me in txt's, mean :D

My hunnie babe who's sexy on the fone!

You're always hot and i'm always cold,

We could keep eachother warm (I wouldn't complain)

You gotta be sexy looking to,

I'd probably kiss you all day long!

Feeling your lips agianst mine,

Our bodies touching so close,

You're not the only one that can tease,

I wanna meet you so bad!

I've fallen for you my darling,

Deep and true, I want you,

We will meet, I swear it,

You're the Gem Of My Heart and always will be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ok the person I wrote this for knows who he is :D

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