Torn Love

I crave your touch,

The feel of your skin on mine,

How gentle you are,

How soft it feels,

The surge of electricity ripples through me,

Your heat against mine,

The way your fingers trace my ribs,

I kiss your neck,

Feeling your pulse quicken,

Tasting a slight salty tang,

A low moan escapes,

Was it me or you?

Caressing my spine,

The sparks fly across my skin,

Your breath quickens under my touch,

I trace your ribs,

Feeling your body respond,

My body responding to you,

Kissing your jaw and cheek,

Moving to the other side,

I long to feel your lips kiss my neck,

I long to feel your bite,

Your thumb slides down my hip,

Pushing into the hollow,

You pull your hands away,

Look me right in the eye,

Deep brown eyes,

Staring into my hazel eyes,

A wicked grin on your face,

One last touch,

A great big cuddle,

A loving embrace.


Take me by the hand,

Lead me to the rope,

And hang me in the gallows.

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