Torn Love

At first I was unsure,

I didnt know what to think,

Piercing blue-grey eyes,

I never meant to fall,

I guess I did,

Fell into a hole bathed in green fel-fire light,

The fire didnt burn at first,

It kept me warm,

Gave me hope,

Made me happy,

The fire raged and burnt my skin,

Intense heat charred my bones,

I loved that fire,

I didnt mean to,

But I think I did,

It was all over in a flash,

My heart incinerated,

Everything turned to ashes,

I was alone again,

I could not cry,

Nor make a sound,

I was back where I started,

In a hole in the ground,

My heart felt strange,

Like it was broken in two,

It skipped a beat,

For part of it is not there,

Consumed by fel-fire.


Lost and lonely without you,

Endlessly searching for you,

At least now I know,

Forgive me I think I cared too much.


Sorry xx

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