Little One Lost

Hey Little One

lost in the meadow,

You..little one

lost on the hill,

seeking your home, which,

was never established.

can it be found,

by sheer force of will?

You! Little One, who

peace has eluded.

Yes, Little One, who

pain has attached,

What is the price to

be paid for for in solace?

What is the commission

so that you may relax?

Why Little One, do you

sob in the darkness?

Where is the comfort

that others enjoy?

Why is the man's soul

so restlessly reckless?

Who will deliver the, once

scared little boy?

Yes, Little One, there

are debts due to many.

For the years have been true

though you've been unkind.

What is the pennance for

hearts strewn asunder?

With promises broken are

the wounds you must bind.

Look, Little One, look

deep down within you.

Find the true courage

that you do profess.

Stand and be counted as

a man who is worthy.

For what will you do when

you've found your success?

Hey Little One, who was

lost in the meadow,

YOU...Little One, who was

lost on the hill,

God hears your crying

and offers you comfort,

For it is the heart of

the child whose prayers he fulfills.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For the Inner Child that drives us all.

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