Bramha Vihar

(On the Mother’s day)


Born out of my mother’s womb,

My hazed eyes of the present day

Converge the soft soil of this samsara

Feeling the amorous warmth

Of illimitable and immeasurable

I'm quite conscious of.


Grown up I'm 

In the tough and sturdy legs 

Massaged by the pure oil

Of immeasurable mind.

Matured I’m as the absolute man -

The conception of

My affectionate motherhood.


In the time passing by,

When my mother turned

Old enough to fragility and frailty,

Then my mindful memory

Erased my own childhood -

The nam* and roop*

Of my mother in me.


I'm occupied this much

To set myself morally uprights,

Bemused I’m in my right

To concede you like my own,

Stayed far away from your presence.

The suffering you confronted

In your old and fragile body,

My nature of looking intently at you 

Fell down your mind into despair.


When my mind stuck in  

Brahma Bihar, the Assembly of Divinity,

I grasped you utterly.

Alas! You were then only

A lustrous star in the sky.


Merely for a day of each year,

Contentment flaunted in me by

Peeping your Nam and Roop

In me and mine

In the  beholding mirror

Of the immeasurable universe.


Bramha Vihar, also called Chatu Bramha Vihar

The assembly of Divinity or immeasurable

in Buddhism has four moral virtues, namely

Loving Kindness (Metta), Compassion (Karuna),

Sympathetic Joy and  Equanimity (Upekkha)

Samsara – The material world

Nama – Mind and mindfulness

Rupa – Shape or form