Quintessence of Quiescent

Up the polished ceiling above my bed

In my bedroom resting for a while,

A camouflaged lizard crawls his webbed feet

With dead silence in his spider tongue

Hunting a fly nearby in languorous mood

So unconscious of to-be catastrophe
Bony spine of mine chills enough

To freeze my whole body like an ice

For the certainty of yet another calamities

Befalling on my quiet turbid heart

At any moments of my present life.


My desire to rest for a while with

My frightened and horror-stricken mind

Strives to take up its clothes of fright and horror

As if torched with mother of bomb

Runs naked towards the camera lens

With my screams frozen in frame

That unknowingly and unconsciously adheres

To the severe fading wall of my bedroom.


That portrait of mine destined to hide its reality

Sinks in time warped depth of ocean

Damped with futuristic dirt and dust

Wailing a digger to reveal the quintessence of

An embryonic present matured to rare earth

Out of an ovary of pregnant futurity.



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