I took my shoes off and entered
into the room of darkness
of which the shiny black satin
slipped from her shoulder
exposing the tender flesh
hungered with living passion
burning like hot red iron.
I hammered it to work out
the pattern of my poem
rhyming like the whistle of the wind
and shining like satiny moon
in the open sky at midnight.

Fearful of hurting the silence
shrouded in the dark night
by my feet, I plunged
softly as petal and lightly as air
on the darkness,
I peeled off my footprints
that glimpsed on
tender skins of her body,
but my feet burnt red.
I never mind the severe pain
for the beauty of my living
concealed in depth of darkness.

The cestrum that blooms in the night
reveals so much beauty in my eyes.
and smelts so much sweet fragrance,
but the humming of the black bee
of  the death mused in my ears.
Whirled I'm through the vortex
of the darkness of the night
to let it hold me in its grasp –
My soul may never spill out of it
even like the transient light
of the shooting star sparkled
in the dark sky of the night.


Cestrum – Night jasmine


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