Shattered Beauty (Magic of the mask)

Shattered Beauty

(Magic of the mask)


Nature is so callous
To curse or bestow her
The face with left half
Disfigured and warped
By severe accident befallen on her.

Alas! Louise Ashby
alarmed herself
To encounter her face
In the mirror blurred
By the breath she exhales
As if the reflection of her face
In the turbid water
Traumatized by the storms
In the surface of the pond.

Louise Ashby
Not being able to hold longer
Heavy burden of her disfigured face
On her adolescent body
Standing resolutely in the planet
Tears flows in her eyes.
If she could recuperate her beauty
Granted her by Nature
To stage her play again.

Thanks to the artistic hand
That fixes
238 tiny metal plates in series
Fastened as headband
Inside the hairy skin of her head
To repair the left half
With the right half of her face
So much beautiful and reverie
Like the full moon drops her beauty
Inside the tranquil and lucid pond.
That alive her again
With her dream comes true


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