The Art of War

Volume Two

The Art of War
by: Matthew Wayne

It is the art of war,
forgotten is what this fight is for
pale faces and decaying bodies
death and a bitter taste of disease
a lost soldier, a voice of a lost soul
where a broken man was tortured slow
family slain, an eternity of pain.

The siege marches on, even if murder is wrong
It has become the art of war, A blood feud began decades before.
The bombs dropping, the violence never stopping
blood stains the hands of those who sin,
a religious icon in which to pray, hoping to win.

Slaves are those who chose to submit,
who does not stand when told to sit
blindly following, who dares not to question
in a society where ignorance is an odd obsession
denials and lies, with deception morality dies.

Yin and Yang, with another big bang
good and bad, within us all and under our command
when conflict knocks at the door,
there will always be the cruelty of war.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"There will always be conflict, so as long as the human heart still beats."

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