Volume Two


by: Matthew Wayne

Ever prayed before a candle light?

Or stared up at the stars at night?

Questioning every thought as wrong or right

can a sinner truly receive forgiveness?

In a age of cruelty can you really blame this?

Traveling this darkened stretch, while placing risky bets

knowing you lost when your shadow over comes you at the corner

and once again your crossing over the devil's border

even the scriptures share this common metaphor

We all must endure our own judgment

by god or the universe, you will face your corruption

the force of destruction, the voice of obsession

that eats at our core, the negativity that distorts our harmony

You could walk for miles and never find that one path

you could study for years and still never understand the math

you can even deny yourself the strongest of your desires

but today, the price of a man's soul can be as deep as the pockets of the buyers

I will walk before your cross, bow my head and pay my respects to all those we lost

but I will not claim your god, or your pagan symbols

Instead I will hold the value and weight of my own soul

for I know the energy of life and creation exists

So why waste this life's perfect little gifts.

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