A Drug Responsible America

Literary Passages

A Drug Responsible America

When hope fails, the world can become a Titan,

Nightmares become horrors that frighten, Dreams and wishes fade all to fast and the precious moments that never last. Cutting away at my flesh, and feeling the love of that lifeless carcass.

The world is decaying around me, as I feel I am the only one who can see. Where society turned a blind eye as ignorance is a weapon used for a lie. Self destruction soon becomes the path for self relocation.

      In the Drug free America, where pharmaceuticals have became all the rave, A nation addicted on these synthetics hyped by the depraved. Death is cheap taken in the form of a pill, you can get them in any color. Uppers, downers, and some that just don't make you feel. Over the counter, under the counter or just found on the streets. A wicked candy where suicide is wrapped up and sold like a treat .

In a Drug responsible America, there is accountability. The individual's own responsibility, not blaming others for their poison or to criminalize them for their own choice in logical reason. Nobody gives you the right to breath, nor the permission to do such. Why would you beg for permission just to ingest what you will or think what you want. No man has the right to judge another's personal choice in which enters their body yet everyday thousands if not more hear the gavel's cry. Each and everyone of them could shed a tear for an Idol that failed them, being that of the American Dream, “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”  Is this the world you had envisioned? American Nazism, a nation built on the imprisoned.

Life is not always pretty and pink, or even green and bright. In the under belly of Society the shady corners and back ally ways there is a epidemic gripping at the heart of our morality. A twisted addiction brought on by obsession. A sickness that must be rationalized and not stereotyped, I bluntly challenge the man not the drug, to this plague. Not to be mistaken that some drugs are not addictive when in fact some are highly prone to cause dependency. Yet it should by all common sense fall onto the man for his actions as well as his intelligence. Only the education our children are receiving from our schools and our television sets is that one little pill will cure you from sneezing to enhancing male sexual organs. They learn the bad drugs from what our Government wants them to know, and more often than not their biased information slanders many of the more natural herbal remedies. This has been proven thousands of times within our own past, yet it seems as if a Million or more Americans wake up with their eye's shut just praying to make it through the day. One day, a man or woman will wake up no longer in fear of their fellow countrymen in what they decide to ingest or travel where they wish within their own minds. No longer being judged by others on what you say but rather what you do, when that day comes, that man or woman will wake up free, for their minds have truly set them free.

“I will be your Gate keeper, Confide in me while I take you even deeper.

“We have all danced, to the devil's tune and amidst the winter's fury a rose will bloom”

Can you taste the bittersweet

Close your eyes as it takes you to the peak

A junkies favorite forbidden treat

with a crash leaving you weak

I want to drown in a sea of morphine,

walk in the sands of cocaine

and bask under the trees of Ganja

smell the sweet poppies of heroin

and laugh as I pick a fresh mushroom

Hey drop out dead head,

do you believe in everything they said?

Lies spew from their mouths like spit

and we as patriots are to stand or sit

bark and jump in line

Lance up your boots, with the fuse of anger

Peace and Liberty will soon be a word our children will forget

falling into a deep coma

a drug induced delusion

that there might just be a chance

as I dance in tune with devil

I wage war with my own addictions

sold my soul, an eternal conviction

demons that haunt me day and night

many dreams to just take flight

As my eyes open I am still on the ground

now speaking without a sound

Where has all the trust gone?

Vanished as if overnight we no longer communicate

Isolation, separation, or even Socialism

Just so many directions to chose

but how much more can you afford to lose?

We are drowning in a sea of lies

we have bought into deception

we have forgotten our past, the legacy that is to be human.

Looking towards the future without contrast

How did you live your life? With what mattered did you do right?

Crossing your T's and dotting your I's

stitch your lips before you lie

Wrapping the pain around me, I leave myself to the demons. Often ignoring their preaches and sermons. The walls around me bleed with an enticing stench, reminding me of a bad dream about a slutty woman. I felt cold as it seemed so long ago that I dug my own grave, made my own death bed. Laying down, I'm damned to relive the nightmares. When you wait for your last breath, thats when you chose to dance with death. Now my soul rejected, my body neglected and I am left to my suffering. Chained to the very floor of this earth, for crimes of my existence yet still digging my fingers to bone with all my resistance.

“This is my pen, my will made flesh

a dream so stupidly made into a contest

and I watch myself slip further down

into the depths of my own mind.”

I'm tired of all the endless lies, beating me until everything dies and wanting something I will never get. This world once made me sick, digging my own grave I turned into my own slave. Trapped within a madness it was everything but bliss tasting the filth from your kiss.

“slit your wrists, cut your skin

the suicidal game starts once again

smoke, drink or pop them pills

we all get our kicks and thrills

take the devil for this dance

getting lost within the first glance

a beautiful vixen, an evil succubus

holding you back, from any real progress.”

It is obvious that individuals for the most part make logical and rational choices, for the most part those choices are influenced by what someone else has told them. When you understand the fact all our knowledge is based on someone else's findings and not all of them scientifically proven true, yet people fall prey to the soothsayers and snake charmers of our modern empire. Lies spoken to a crowd resonates throughout the mob, easily being swayed and easier to be betrayed. Too few flex the muscle that is known as our brain and instead rely on someone else's way of thinking when surrounded by that very mob. Where our Education system is broken, teaching our children half the story, and nothing our freedoms, our constitution. We are heading down a dark path, riddled with stones and traps. Like all good masters leading us by a leash anywhere they wish to take us. Stand up to the outrage that is our slavery, where a group of men and women, mortals like you or I control what we eat or drink, what we smoke or chew. Governing our bodies as if were their pets, Speak out against the monstrosities against our natural born liberties. If we were truly free, we would own our own bodies, and think what we will, say what we will and live in the pursuit of happiness.  

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