The Mirror

Lost Treasures

Come away with me, close your eyes and you could see

the beauty of it all, as if it were a mirror behind the wall

afraid to look within at her own face

scared she would fall from grace

“Heaven is just a kiss away

inviting you to take your stay

never lose that sparkle in your eye

don't give up even before you die

let my words become your angel tonight”

Walk with me,

open your eyes so you can see

A beautiful rose

Life, watching as you take a pose

now admiring the mirror behind the wall

scared she will trip and fall

a lifetime of scars show through

fear to her is nothing new

as there is to much pain to hold onto

It's just another lost love story

that did not work out in the end

just left with a fantasy, where she can pretend

“She's afraid to make another mistake

She's afraid her mind will break

as if it were a dream, she does not want to wake

She stares into the mirror, and sheds one last tear

for what she saw, was a road to serenity

and a brief moment of clarity”

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