The Symphony of Drama

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The Symphony of Drama

“Why does this plague me so? Where writers block is free to go

Teasing me with samples, beautiful words and chaotic souls

Dizzy but was never spun, Ladies and Gentlemen a whole new ride just begun

Don't forget to smile to the very end, after all life is just a ride my friend”

Sleep does not come easy, like a stranger in the night the uncomfortable atmosphere. My body is tired, as is my mind yet the thoughts are not. Spinning and twisting like a laser light show on acid. Knowing there are things you must accomplish, I shake them off when I could put the extra effort in staying awake, or sleeping less when I do crash. I can often see how easy it could be for someone to snap and lose all control of their thoughts and feelings. Even now, tempted by the whispers and images within my own mind to just let go. I find the temptation alluring yet risky so I maintain a tight grasp on them. In my dreams I have anything I could ever want, yet when I am awake and back to digging for change where my goals seem to just be out of reach every time. I often question if my insomnia is not some kind of warning sign to an even bigger problem. For the last couple of months I've felt as though I've lost my balance, wandering blindly through a maze.

“Our imaginations are so powerful and our minds so strong

They can manifest a chemical induced influence, Demons like glass

can appear in your life without warning, our whole perception

of life can change for the better or for the worst.

Depression is as much as a disease as small pox and the black death.

A dysfunctional mind is a destructive mind

Where frail and fragile can be a work of art,

a muse of colors or sounds can give birth to artistic

talents never before seen within the mind of the sound Person

Poison like blood can slowly pump through your entire system

Choking you before you can even catch a breath”

As the chaos of the modern world spins violently about, one can find themselves trapped, isolated and completely cut off. I have mentioned before that I avoid drama as if it were the plague. The ugly confrontations all while displaying no reservations. I cannot simply point to a map and pin point the cause, but something happened within my past to cause my more recently developed phobia for the chaotic disorder that is drama. The flaw of man and egotism and the birth of vanity and hate. Drama all shapes and sizes have served some good and purpose, the knowledge gained through conflict can often change ones views on life. Yet which way their mind sways is another subject all together.

There was once a time in my life when I thrived on that drama, felt more in control the more times I was able to turn the heads of the vast sheep within Society. Then it manifested into the disgust I had over those small simple minded folk. Now however still often annoyed by the masses I chose to avoid their constant bickering and arguments, finding refuge within this sanctuary I call my mind. More often than not I have fought with my own brain to keep from tunning out even my friend's drama, problems I could and should help with yet I learned long ago that while helping others often does help you to deal with your own issues, they quickly forget or rather over look the simple fact that when you are helping someone you are simply pressing pause to a problem that will only continue to build. You can find this on any scale, small or large. Human or global, witnessing this human trait on the grander scale one must only simply look at our country, The United States, We try and promote peace and democracy across the world but we neglect our own. Humans left by the side of the road only to watch the new age convoy slowly parade down the street past them. Mocking their own shattered self image back towards a wounded and despondent people. Hopes and dreams shattered for profit and control, the power to create drama, to manifest conflict is one of the many sources of the Leviathan you name as evil.

“Inspiration can come from anything,

down to your very emotions or events. Anything that triggers that spark in your head

As if synapses were firing in just the right way, for the words you find spinning out of control

within your head, are the words that actually appeared upon the paper. Flowing

coherently together to form a beautiful piece of art, few will understand the subtle hints

spewed across the sentences that makes any words the focus of their attention”

I believe the aforementioned above is just one of the many driving forces to my dire need to leave my current residence. I need to find peace, as I search for the quietness. Through my mortal eyes this world is truly large and surly there is a patch of land that will allow me to once again reconnect to my mother, the earth that is our home.

“I watch the clock, the seconds turning into minutes and minutes into hours,

before long another day seems to have slipped by, A day then turns into a week

and so forth, from there on it all only seems to melt into a giant pool of wasted time

Sleep deprivation slowly becomes a sick game played by my mind

for the fear to sleep or miss out on a moment of clarity that spark of inspiration.

For it seems that when I am trapped within this wall of fog

choking off any form of coherent writable words or thoughts

I feel like a soldier trapped behind enemy lines I am able to string

enough words together, prying the thoughts from my mind and sneak back

Could it be called a Chaotic Symphony?”

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