Perfect Harmony

Volume Two

I know the secret, the answer to the question

it's right before our eyes with blinding reason

this is our mother, our home

moral infants who has not grown

"through the mountains and the trees

to the sun and the gentle summer breeze

past the wilderness and untammed seas

the possibilities are endless

yet nature is never defenceless"

Harmony becomes a balance

that has always been a challange

in a universe so vast, it's easy to forget our past

in a blanket of pearls, filled with unique worlds

we often neglect our own rock beneath our feet

detached from ourselves has only made us weak

"Past the deserts, and the jungles

beyond the heavens, to the depths of hell

where energy expands to be free

we live in a universe, in perfect harmony"

our very touch, leaves a print

within the fabric of our exsistance

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