Chaos within an Illusion

Volume Two

Look into my heart, into my very soul

tell me that I am Evil, that I lost control

Look into my eyes, into my thoughts

tell me that I'm vile, and beauty just rotts

When all the words are spoken

and all the promises are broken

when all your dreams become shattered

your faith hanging and tattered

When the world turns against you

and you have no one left to turn to

will you stand, or will you run

your past already written, your future has just begun

how do you wish to be remembered?

Everyone carries with them to their grave

a secret inwhich they save, A sin they will pay

their last plea, before their final breath

holding to their regrets, before their deaths

A broken heart beats, as I fight to take back my soul

Insanity consumes me, yet I remain in control

my eyes have deceived me, my thoughts not my own

I might be lost in darkness, can my actions atone

for all the Sins I've commited

yet still I refuse to beg for forgivness

In a world without sin, a world without war

there would be no god, that you would kneel before

In a world of Chaos, a world of sacrifice

the only god that mattered, would be that of the highest price

If reality is just an Illusion

people are fixated on a delusion

To see the hope, see the beauty

realize one day, that you life is free

mankind for years tried to put us in restrictions

opposed throughout history, it's within our exsistance

whether it's man or religion

power and greed becomes an obsession

So tell me one last time, let me speak with the devine

Look into my heart, Look into my very soul

dig down deep you have a long way to go

Look into my eyes, into my thoughts

you will see the endless wars I've fought

I am a mortal man, in a jungle of immorality

often getting lost, however maintaining great vitality

the struggle is remaining on your feet, to stay grounded

within a Universe that still leaves me astounded

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