An Eternal Struggle

Volume Two

My world seems to be getting smaller

feeling trapped inside this celler

confidence in myself starts fleeting

like an open wound, that wount stop bleeding

disgusted at my own reflection

within a mirror, fixated on perfection

"Trapped in a world gone stagnate

dead politicians running rampant

crimes against our very humanity

performed in orderly insanity

all waiting for you to just surrender

morgage your soul to the highest lender"

Tired of the futile struggle

exhausted from trying to solve this puzzel

giving up, sometimes sounds so sweet

a war not ment for the weak

emotions consuming my mind

selfcontrol getting harder to find

burried deep within myself

often to proud to ask for help

"caged within a society thats ran dry

corruption paid by the human life

where actions speak of only lies

and greed becomes the ultimate prize

an opinion, backed with force

Tyrants with no remorse"

gasping desperately for air

life is a ride, not ment to be fair

we all hold truths to our exsistance

praying to our gods for forgivness

yet my words are different

an outspoken tounge, with resentment

crawling on my last leg

never again shall I beg

gave away everything, including my soul

yet before I die, redemption is my goal

a dream that only seems to fade

and a dream I feel may never be paid

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