June 10, 2008 - 3:10am

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Cannabis Prohibition

For some strange reason I cannot begin to phantom some of our Laws in the great United States. America, land of the free... No wait I mean the land of the imprisoned. Even if you are not in jail your still a prisoner as if there were invisible walls, barred windows on our sovernity.

For a plant that has killed no one, and literally saved countless lives. No more addictive then cigarettes or caffein, and a gateway to only having an appetite, Leaves me speechless in my mind for there are drugs being pushed down the throats of dieing people, or liquor fueled violence. Even the cancer causing cigarettes. Not only is a plant illegal you run the chance of down right slavery to a corrupt system, or worse your very life as you waste away behind iron bars.

Once caught in this sticky web, you become the property of the government weather you win or lose in the jester's court, you lose your freedom, your liberties your god given right to breath. Even if you win in that mad house you lose to the system, paying the government your hard earned money to only fuel the next arrest, and the victomes of this Civil crime who are already serving time.

We are the only country in the world who has the largest non violent inmate population, Sadly we focus more on drug charges than the real crimes involving violence. A Nation hell bent on becoming the nannies of adult human beings. Content with telling us what is best for ourselves as if we were little children with no intellegence. Think of the possibilities we could achive if we were to legalize, sell and even tax this plant, as if it were just any other plant in the world.

It is also illegal to farm industrial hemp, which is another paradox within itself as there contains just about no THC at all, and yet is regulated by the DEA and not the deparment of Agriculture.

We have became a police state, where we are guilty until proven innocent, As our fore-fathers revolted from a Central bank, where as our IRS has crippled families, Bankers taking our lands. A whole entire generation cried out for security from our Government, and as that generation now matures, A new and younger Generation is crying out for our freedoms, The liberties inwhich we lost, and as the tears fade more and more are waking, demand back their lives. It's the only life we are really sure of having, live it to it's fullest and enjoy every momment for you never know when it will be your last..

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