Literary Passages


It's a feeling that is almost lost, but not by you or I, the common man rather the men and women steering a Nation. Politics a corrupted name for a governing body. Human beings, flesh and bone are being sold not much different than the slaves of old however a more sinister understanding must be taken. It's only when you realize that your a slave to this system can you begin to over come it.

If you chose to believe it or not, its your right. Yet corruption from the minute to the grand scale exsists within our world, in all forms of life this corruption of morals is the true axis of evil.

If the political system wasnt bad enough, the corruption trickles down into the economics, education system, as well as our glorified Legal System a grand stage of jesters performing before the kings. If we allow it, the corruption can seap into our very souls like a pluage we become addicted to the impractical and artifical losing sight of our true selves.

People suffer everyday, but not at the hands of an enemy invader, or a deadly virus rather from the hands of corruption. Lust becomes Greed, Envy becomes jelousy an erratic species we have become.

When did we as a society grow so content as to allow some out side presence dictate what we do to or injest into our bodies? We can almost compare the War on Drugs to the war on Humanity, our very civil rights and the freedoms we hold so close to our soul, are always in jepordy to the thirst of corruption. We have become lazy, our civilization is infantile compaired to our ancient cultures. We have forgotten how to fend for our selves, take care of our own well being, even our basic survial skills. We put our saftey and life in the hands of another human being and why? Because they have 'training'? It's a known fact if you give up your right to breath you will suffocate.

Doctors killing their paitents, Toxins found within our foods, Law enforcment violating even our basic of rights.

"Freedom is a word of the past, our ignorance and decadents has crippled our understanding of this word and has allowed few to control what we once believed true"

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