Fragmented Thoughts

Volume Two

'Somewhere through it all, A plant was lost

and a war on this Drug was fought'

It's ironic that when my brain is on the verge of collapse, it's then that the thoughts pour in

Fragmenting pieces all must be worked

to form the shapes, as my mind hurts

thoughts of death, drugs, and pain

Sex, Violence, and fame

I overdosed on pills

a suicidal ride, a cheap thrill

alcohol poisoning, straight comatosity

with a head full of acid

a bad trip to make you rabid

Splinters, with secrets to tell

Controversy as sex sells

in a world corrupt and Vile

hiding a murderous smile

Will this be the last time I close my eyes?

will death take hold, free me from the lies?

a bitter sweet sacrifice

Left alone to long with man's device

hallowed lessons and forgotten advice

A marked man, waiting for his time

his whole life, very exsistance made to be your crime

With a shattered past, twisted memories

hope that never lasts, lost within the breeze

Life is a flirtatious tease

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A shit load of Nyquil, amung other stuff can have a odd impact on a person.

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