A Tragic Love Song

Lost Treasures

I saw the fields of green

that once manifested in my dream

the gold sparkles casted toward the sea

thrown to the wind on a gentle breeze

I could see the world in your eyes

a heaven ment for the skies

I never thought it could be true

I never imagined it would be you

Take my hand and hear my voice

trust my words and see my choice

for what I write will remain timeless

and my words of love, bound to this

through all the chaos of reality

I look in your eyes and see

a sense of peace you bring me

I'm a fallen Angel, with a broken wing

it's not hard to forget, that you're innocent

Everything seems to fall apart

Breaking from the very start

every tear pays the cost, for another chance is lost

I'm drowning, as the pain begins surrounding

As everything falls apart

Bleeding from the start

from a wound that will never heal

from a Life I tried so hard to kill

I'm falling apart, broken and brused

A future that keeps me confused

'Sweet Death', Come take me away

from all this pain,all this suffering

my heart is broken, my heart is torn

bleeding tears, pricked by the thorn

will I ever be free?

As death will someday set me free

Every dream turns into a lie

am I doomed to live this life

voices echo through my head

a failure is what they said

Burry me in my grave

for I may have lived as a slave

I shall die free

I struggle to breath

blinded by the need

you had given me hope for a better day

enchanted by everything you would say

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