The Day of Mourning

Lost Treasures

The Day of Mourning “Lost Treasure's Collection”

Time slowly creeps on by

before you know it, it's your time to die

trading your soul for just more time

even sober I can't walk their straight line

while presidents commit political crimes

My voice heard by the tip of this pen

remember what it was like back then

I can still feel the pain

scars burned in my brain

and the thought of going insane

can you reach your dreams?, or touch your god?

a ghostly visage, a desert mirage

offspring of knowledge

sons and daughters of the white coat sage

no more lies, no more killing

a utopia for the filling

Thousands of followers, devout believers

sheep to the herd of deceivers

A slave to the market

A broken government, that fails to commit

A wasted life, filled with regret

Pick away your flesh until you reach bone

while you pray your sins will atone

for when you die, you are alone

A Devil in disguise

claiming your soul as the prize

No where left to run

No escape for the sins you've done

The Sun is setting, your thoughts regressing

all while your body decays, screaming gods name

suffering from a lifetime of pain

There was once a garden full of flowers

and romance that lasted for hours

just a fading memory now, that will live forever

in my mind as if hidden treasure

and an even more sinful pleasure

Burn your resolution, searching for Absolution

killing your Ambition, all in the name of your addiction

for when you have nothing left

you will pray for death

The world is Decaying

the Diseases are staying

cripple the youth with hallowed views

so the church can fill their pews

An Angel to a god that does not care

An Angel to a god who's just not there

The Children are starving, but you can eat

thinking the world is at your feet

A life they try and cheat

'I am damned', they preach

Myths are what they teach

and I sin to feed their leech

while its easy to take the blame

will you stand and take the fame?

It's a day of mourning, it's a day of loss

Everything has changed, discarded, or rearranged

No longer in retrospect

Long lost self-respect

Just waiting for it all to infect

When there is nothing left

Just emptiness that can only be filled by death,

there is a starving dream

of something I struggle to realize

in a world of limited compromise

I'm trapped in a void of lies

hallow and numb

no where left to run

'A lifetime spent on a single debate

A lifetime spent harboring all this hate'

In the valley of the damned

will you shake the devil's hand

A society born with a prescription

Slaves to the Medication

deluding the mind

committing the perfect crime

A poison is it's name

numbing the senses, killing the pain

Can you see me?, fading fast into the night

Lost and losing this fight

no longer safe inside my head

for one day I will be dead

but will I smile, in the end?

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