A Free Man

Literary Passages

A Free Man

By: Matthew Wayne

Distrust truly floats atop a sea of snakes, everyone so locked in to themselves and what 'they' can obtain, their reality model, their universe. Observing a situation as if an outsider from the equation. Strip away the core, and you will see we are all part of the problem, part of the cause, and yet at the same time we are all part of very solution that can and will fix that problem. Everything and anything can be solved by looking within, rather then without. Metaphorically speaking we a creatures of habit, our brains get locked within a routine of mundane tasks. How often do you sit and observe without judgment? Without motive or emotion?

Its hard to get past the ego within ourselves. A wall of insecurities and insults, built for defense against even the strongest battering ram, as each stone is thrown to that wall it becomes stronger, after awhile you begin to believe that wall, that ego is who you are. A mask worn to hide the true ugliness of our sins, our thoughts. Even the most divine sins within their minds, thoughts not your own but thoughts you obtain none the less.

We allow ourselves to drink in the champaign of ignorance, yet turn a blind eye to the injustice of even the most corrupted. Hypocrisy has became the law of the land while wolves in sheep skin heard the flocks of even the most devout. Words become hallow and meaningless if spoken with no value behind them, actions are at the root of what makes the hero.

As if I have woken into a nightmare, from a free man to a slave in a monetary mirage. Ink on paper to claim my soul for which I never bargained for. My children should I decide to bring another life into this small planet and ever chaotic universe would be born into this culture of slavery, by the debt of others. Where I ask is the freedom in that? The sheep and the asleep, do not understand how dire and destructive that is, for as a writer I truly fear for my freedom of speech, my right to what I have to say, to write. There will always be those who strive to censor what they fear, or what they hate. A bigot in their beliefs should be law, and not choice. We see this everyday and yet still the masses turn a blind eye, for it their universe has not been affected by the hypocrisy, or if it has barley makes a dent against their wall, their mask.

I am a living testament, a divine creature, a human being. I breath and have a conscious, and I am self aware. With these I declare my sovereignty over any state who would try and suppress me, who would try and chain me back and keep me from reaching my full potential as a living breathing entity on this planet, and beyond. To breach this would be a deceleration of war for my very survival becomes the wager, I will bow before no king, I will bow before no queen and I will refuse to shake the hand of anyone who conspires against me. I am my own lord, my kingdom spanning from within to the vast unknown of the universe. I trade with all and willing, but never sign a document of allegiance, far to easy to get caught within a web of politics unnecessary for the betterment of oneself.

The last breath I take will be with the knowledge I died free, helplessly watching men and women around me being chained to their system, their own beliefs attacking them from behind hopeless to stop it. Sacrificing their choices and their freedom, for a security blanket of mistrust. Huddled In the darkest corner of the room praying their number does not draw up next. I have often silently asked myself how society would go out, if they had the choice to stand up against the corruption, the violence, would they stand before the firing squad and grin knowing they die for an idea rather than a cause? For do not mistake one second that freedom is a choice, it is a reason, a means to an end, priceless and unique.

For in this existence. This life, a self aware conscious being can only live in freedom, to be caged like an animal is humiliation and degradation on the highest levels of morality, and a sin against humanity.

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