Volume Two

My words are versatile

sporting my own damn style

even if that makes people think I'm vile

dogding the suits, staying under the raydar

fuck it I'll start my own bar

25 and still going strong

surprised I even survived this long

one day I'll own my own life

the world can be bought, whats your pirce

if you can't take it, theres always suicide

Once, Twice, Sold down the line

every man commits a crime

but can every man do the time

will stand and face the fire

Elevated thoughts take you higher

When death knocks at your door

will you beg the reaper, knees on the floor

begging him for time to do so much more

or will you smile and let it come

knowing you had a hell of a run

A life worth living

Stories worth believing

My future holds great prospects

though I know many who would object

the simple minded, easy offended Sheep

and a resolution, just out of reach.

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