Volume Two

Sometimes I try to hard

Sometimes they push to far

they think they know whats best

but it's my life, while they try and control the rest

Telling me what I can and cannot do

but it's my life, they don't know what I've been through

trying to find my own path

struggling just to do the math

one step ahead of the last

I will survive, will never take their bribe

spewing nothing but lies

using fear as a weapon

our own goverment's selection

twisting words just for an election

cowards to just one voice

but a hero who lost his choice

Leave me to my own

I am a man, for I have grown

greed is the ugly seed

for which the masses feed

Time will only tell

how far from heaven, we all fell

Just one life, Just one chance

I will make it my final stance

No one will speak on my behalf

because its my life, my path

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